Natural Cat Detox

Herbal Content & Benefits

With the carely selected herbal content heyLove Natural Detox provides eliminating the toxins so increasing the immunity system, shortens the treatment time. Specially formulated for cats with the Valerian and Yarrow herbs. Valerian is very important with the impressive effects of on decreasing the stress and stress effects on cats.

MILK THISTLE (Root & Stem)

• It supports detoxification function of the liver. It, also, lessens the harms that may arise from medications and environmental pollutants.

• Regenerates cells in the liver.

• It is effective against cancer and is used as a complimentary supplement for the treatment of cancer.

• It is effective to eliminate toxic consequences of chemotherapy on the liver.

• Lowers blood sugar, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
WATRECRESS (Stem & Leaves)

• By impeding DNA damages, it protects cells. It neutralises the factors that trigger the formation ok cancer cells.

• Function as a supportive supplement against viruses and bacteria.

• Has an anti-inflammatory effects.

• Protects eyes.

• Lowers cholesterol levels.

• Boosts the immune system.

• It’s one of the most frequently used detoxification herbs.

• Has diuretic potency.

• With its anti-oxidant properties, it is affective to prevent illnesses.

• It is effective against bacteria and inflammation.

• Has prebiotic properties.

• Regulates blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

• Regulates heart rhythm and blood pressure.

• It involves numerous types of vitamins (e.g. folic acid, riboflavin, pyridoxine, niacin, vitamim E and C )

• It involves iron, manganase, magnesium and a small amount of zinci calcium, selenium and phosphorus.

• Clean the blood.

• Improves detoxification function of the liver.

• By increasing bile secretion, it facilitates toxin removal.

• Removes toxins, origating in the blood, through kidneys.

• Regulates blood sugar.

• In diabetic phenomenon, it decreases total cholestrol and triglyceride levels.
ELM (Root, Stem, Branch and Leaves)

• One of the leading herbs used in detox formulations.

• Highly effective in protecting colon health and prevention of colonic cancer.

• Useful for the protection of the liver and muscle health.

• Its soluable fibres functions as a prebiotic.

• Supports skin barrier.

• Has protective effect on the stomach and the intestines.

• It is used for supportive care for cystitis.

• Has healling effects on constipation and diarrhoea.

• Creates a powerful detox effect by increasing bile secretion; moreover, it functions as well as a product for softening excrement.

• Decreases cholesterol, it has anti-septic properties, eliminates spasms and it has protective properties against cancer.

• It supplements liver cells.
YARROW (Stem & Flower)

• Has anti-septic effects.

• Prevents bile duct calculus.

• It is effective in the treatment of sinuses and upper respiratory track infections.

• Has anti-inflammatory properties and plays a key role in cleaning mucous off the lungs.

• Decreases stress levels.

• Prevents stress.

• Soothes pain and has calming effects.

• Decreases blood pressure and heart speed.
MILK VETCH (Root & Stem)

• Contains 14 different fatty acids.

• Prevents inflammation.

• Inhibits increase of cancerous cells.

• Regulates blood pressure.

• It protects the liver and diminishes lipid content.

• It supports colon detoxification with its high fibre content.

• Thanks to the essential fatty acids and vitamin B it has, it maintains the skin and fur. It plays an effective role in the treatment of skin diseases.

• Reduces cholesterol levels.

• Has an anti-inflammatory properties. It functions well against viruses and bacteria.

• Prevents constipation and supports the health of the digestion canal.

• Has one of the highest magnesium content.

• Diminishes the risk of cancer.

• Has diuretic properties. It is effective in the treatment of urinary system and prostate diseases. It has antibacterial effects.

• With its calcium content, it is effective in the protection of bone health.

• It is used in the treatment of infections affecting upper and lower respiratory track.

• Lowers blood sugar.

• It is effective in the repair of bones, cartilage tissues, skin, trachea, aorta, and the other connective tissues.

• It is effective in the maintenance and improvement of brain functions in old dog and cats.