heyLove Natural Detox is natural dietary supplement
Very important part of holistic theraphy.


Provides backdrops to the vital organs to have their regular functions, by eliminating the toxins that accumulate in the body. So this allows the continuation of normal physiological functions. The cycle of flawless mechanism of the body is maintained. Diseases are not just an isolated physical disorder. It’s the case that effects mechanism the whole of the body. Because of that, it’s important to attend totally. Holistic therapies are very meaningful for that reason. Detoxification procedures actualize regularly in our bodies. The liver is the major organ. Also kidneys, gastrointestinal system and the skin accompany to liver. Eliminating the toxins is the regular operation of our bodies. However, today’s rapidly increasing industrialization, unconscious productions, consumptions are to be the major reasons, the toxins surround us are growing rapidly. The overloaded toxins force our bodies, and cause not to happen detoxification at the desired level. These uneliminated toxins accumulate in vital organs such as brain and the nervous system. These formations inhibit the resistance to diseases, struggle with diseases, even cause the tumoral formations. Moreover living near to the ground, cause them to be exposed to 20 times more toxicity than humans do.

  • Oral way because of industrail foods, instinct of clean themselves by licking.
  • Skin way with the sleeping and rolling on the ground.
  • Respiratory way with the smelling to recognition because of their enhanced sense of smell.
  • Systemic way with the chemicals that we apply monthly-yearly, cause to be poisoned our animals regularly.

None of the disease is formed by itself. Disease factors only can form symptoms when they could have suitable conditions. Low and worn immunity, stress, malnutrition etc. come together and the symptom begin to emerge. So that, evaluating the treatment only to exermination the factor of diesease, turns many diseases into chronic. In this case holistic treatment methods are the most radical solutions. Detoxification forms the basis of holistic treatments, integral part of a healthy body.


heyLove Naturel Detox is a specially formulated supplement for cats and dogs used, to support the elimination of the toxins from the body. It is an innovative natural detoxification herbal supplement that supports overall well-being for pets.
Analysis carried out at Cleveland Laboratories heyLove Natural Detox contains no additives, coloring agents, chemical conservatives and toxic substances, it is %100 natural. Contains 11 herbs and roots specified to cats and dogs.

  • Reinforces the functions of the organs playing important roles in removal of the toxins from the body.
  • With its antioxidant herbal content, inhibits free radicals attack to biological building blocks as DNA, protein, carbonhydrates and lipids.
  • It protects cells and regenerates them.
  • It boosts the immune system and helps them lead a long and healthy life.
  • Using with accompany the disease treatments, %30 of the treatment time is shortened.


Detoxification is a regular process in the body. Achieving contiunity is very important. The outsourced support of this procedure in the body must be equally persistent. heyLove Natural Detox is a natural detoxification herbal supplement which is safe to long term use, and can be used continuously at the recommended dosages.
We recommend to use regularly in cures, after lactation period. It boosts the immune system with protective use, inhibits the risk of getting diseases and increases the power to fight the symptoms.
heyLove Natural Detox can accompany the disease treatments. In this way, 30% of the treatment time is shortened.
When not to use ; If your cat or dog is allergic to any of the substances making up the content of the product, if it pregnant or in breastfeeding period, we do not recommend the use of of the product.


Herbal diet supplements are beneficial and safe for long-term use. Every pet reacts to natural herbal supplements in a distinct way; therefore, it is recommended to be consistent and that the product be given on a daily basis.
These supplements show their effects within 2-4 weeks; however, this may vary from one pet to another. Since herbal mixtures take effect on cats and dogs quiet rapidly, it is preferable to apply it in liquid form.
heyLove Natural Detox is 100% natural detoxification herbal supplement, can be used for a long time. The application route of detox solutions, recommended 4 cures per year, is oral administration. There is no contraendication of consumption with food and water. It can also be used from mouth directly.

Shake well before use. It must be kept refrigerated once opened. Suitable for any cat and dog older than 8 months.