heyLove Natural Detox activity is based on the scientific studies.
Results of regular usages have been reported by Süleyman Demirel University,
Mehmet Akif Ersoy University and by some veterinary clinics.

1- No side effects were observed during long-term use ( 60 days without interruption )
2- Regular use of product has increased the water intake level by 13% .
3- Therapy shortens the duration of treatment by 30% in concomitant use.
4- It has been proven by the Süleyman Demirel University that product contains no additives, no preservatives, no colorants and any toxic substances based on academic researches.

2,5 years old, Female, castrated, 25 kg weightened dog
Complaints; Severe itching, skin redness, dandruff, fluffy fur, locally inflamed lessions Leather scraper receiced and Demodex is isolated. Folliculitis was developed.
Treatment; Ivermectin was administered orally. heyLove Natural Detox was accompanied to the treatment. Common Demodex and Folliculitis treatment was completed in 39 days. With heyLove Natural Detox this process is 30% shorter than during normal treatment.
The re-feathering has begun and bright and healthy image is provided on the existing feathers. Complaint of all itching and redness are over.
The animal survived the effects of decreased of apettite, aggression and depression due to the uneasiness created by the itch that the animal lived.

Paşa, 8 years old, Male, Golden Retriever.
Complaints; Fluffy fur, itchy skin, skin redness
Treatment; Ivermectin enjection with the parentheral way and heyLove Natural Detox was accompanied to the treatment.
As seen on the image, all complaints and the inflamed lessions were cured at the end of 15th day.

Hera, 4 years old, Female, Samoyed breed dog.
Complaints; symmetrical hair loss, matt and unheatlhy hair structure
Treatment; only heyLove Natural Detox used orally.
At the end of 30th day, all the complaints were over.

It is vibisly seen that heyLove Natural Detox provides the therapy shortens the duration of treatment by 30% in concomitant use. Also stimulates the immun system and helps to stay healthy.

All the ingredients of heyLove Natural Detox are selected and harvested carely for the best quality.
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