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Your pet gets stronger and gains movement.

Strengthened Immune System

Protects and strengthens your pet's immune system with heyLove Natural Detox.

Shinny & Healthy Coat

heyLove Natural Detox, provides more vivid, lush and shiny coat.


Since cats and dogs were separated from their natural environment by humans, their health problems have increased noticeably because of toxins. They come in contact with toxins not only indoors, but also outdoors because of their closer proximity to the ground. Cats and dogs live their lives in these chemical environments, breathing them in and consuming these substances from their food and water. Another contributing factor that increases the toxic load in their bodies is the fact that they lick the toxins on their legs and bodies.



What is the heyLove Detox

Our Philosophy

Provides backdrops to the vital organs to have their regular functions, by eliminating the toxins that accumulate in the body.
  • Eliminates Toxins

  • Boosts Immune Systems

  • Cleans Liver

  • Helps Circulatory System

  • Shinny and Healthy Coats

  • Shortens Treatment Time

Mary Amazon

As I bought this product a few weeks ago, I’d love to share my experience during this time. This product drew me in because it was totally natural. I did some research on the product and decided to try it. It’s helped to improve my girl’s metabolism since then she has been drinking more water and eating regularly. I haven’t seen any cons yet. I will continue using this product. If I see anything, I will update my review.

Mike Chewy

I start using the detox mixing Clause's dry food. She had difficulty of urinate. Now she is feeling better and healthier after using,seems like she can urinate easier now. We have the result in a very short time and all house members are so happy. Thank you

Hazem Amazon

I'd say my cat loved this but she never even noticed it in her water! Helped her after she ate a big and was having diarrhea for a few days until she drank this. So my cat didn't love it, I loved not cleaning up the box of her mess 😂 would definitely recommend!

Linda Amazon

We have a large senior dog (12 years old). His coat had gotten course and he was having some odor issues. We just finished our second bottle of HeyLove Detox. His coat has gotten much softer and the odor has disappeared!!! I just ordered my next bottle. I will definitely keep Tony on the HeyLove Detox!

Why choose us

  • Detoxification

    Reinforces the functions of the organs playing important roles in removal of the toxins from the body.
  • Antioxidant

    With its antioxidant herbal content, inhibits free radicals attack to biological building blocks as DNA, protein, carbonhydrates and lipids.
  • Quality & Safety

    It protects cells and regenerates them.
  • Health & Well-being

    It boosts the immune system and helps them lead a long and healthy life.


Pet treats packed with nutritious ingredients, vitamins and supplements to help dogs.
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