The most productive land of Middle East and Europe is Anatolia has a great variety of endemic plants, escpicially the Mediteranean in Turkey. All the ingredients of heyLove Natural Detox are selected and harvested carely for the best quality.
ATY Grup Yem San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. was founded in Turkey in 2015. Having a professional team to create the infrastructure, clinical researches and support the developing product and marketting to all over the world. Working targeting the animals that accustomed to live with human being in modern life, by reaching the nutritional supplements they need by taking advantage of richness of natura. Based on the academic researches in universities and the clinical studies, it is proved that heyLove Naturel Detox is the innovative natural detoxification herbal supplement that supports overall well-being for cats and dogs. It is in liquid form and palatable.