kidney failure in cats

Kidney Failure in Cats

Just like humans, your cat’s kidneys are a vital organ that plays an essential role in their overall health. Kidneys are there to support blood pressure, produce valuable hormones, regulate their bloodstream, manage enzymes and red blood cells, and are known to remove metabolic waste within the blood. So, if their kidneys are not doing […]

therapy dog

How to Train Your Dog to Become a Therapy Dog

Training your dog to become a therapy dog is a beautiful way to bond with them, and truly spend quality time with one another. No matter what breed they are, if you provide them with unconditional love and affection, and they will, in turn, do the same. But transforming them to become a certified therapy […]

dog in obesity

Obesity in Dogs – Causes, Risks, Treatments

Did you know, according to VCA, that 25 to 30% of dogs in the United States are considered obese? In addition, 40 to 45% between the ages of 5 and 11 weigh more than they should, essentially boarding the obese line. As you can see, obesity in dogs is not a very uncommon thing in […]