How to Get Your Cat to Like You: 5 Tips

If you’ve never had a cat before, you may be mystified by their behavior. Maybe you can’t seem to get them to come near you, or your behavior simply seems to turn them off. Don’t fret! It can be easier to make friends with a cat than you think, even if they aren’t the easiest animals to read. Here are the top tips you need to know. 

  1. Learn where your cat loves to be pet

Cats are sensitive to touch, but you’ll quickly learn that there are places they love being pet and places they detest. You can learn their favorite places by looking for positive responses like purring, blinking, and kneading their paws. In general, these places will be where their scent glands are most concentrated. Try the base of their ears, under their chins, and around their cheeks to start out. Then, follow your cat’s guidance!

  1. Wait until your cat approaches you

Let’s face it, cats like to be in control. When you sit and wait for your cat to approach you, you’ll have better results than when you attempt to chase it down to pet it. Studies have shown that cats are less likely to withdraw from people who let them approach first. These interactions also last the longest and initiate bonding. Letting a cat decide that they want to interact with you is what you really need to take your relationship to the next level. Who knew? 

  1. Mimic your cat’s behavior

Cats display very specific behavior when they greet each other. They do a nose-to-nose sniff and “boop” each other hello. If you want to properly greet a cat, then you should greet them in this manner. You can mimic this by offering a non-threatening fingertip right at their nose’s level. If the cat walks up, sniffs your finger, and rubs it with their cheek, then you’re in!

  1. Keep calm and stay positive 

Dog owners are used to their pets having sudden, excited movements, and they often mirror them as a result. Cats don’t react positively to this. They enjoy predictable behavior because it allows them to trust their surroundings. You’ll see your kitty quickly disappear if your actions any anything less than calm and positive. If you want to train a cat to trust you, greet them with cat food or a treat, and use their name for best results. 

  1. Play with your cat 

Short play sessions can help you engage with a cat in a positive way. You should only do this after you have calmly introduced yourself to the cat previously. You can use a wand toy and move it like a snake or bird. If the cat doesn’t seem interested, don’t force it. 

Final thoughts 

Cats are special creatures that need some time to warm up to the people in their lives. Help them feel safe and secure by creating a peaceful environment and allowing them to approach you. Before you know it, they’ll love playtime and receiving pets.